Cashless 2.0

Something new is about to happen: Best Kept Secret goes Cashless 2.0. Since 2014 tokens were no longer used at Best Kept Secret, but all payments were made with a chip in your wristband. Cashless, as it were. The pros? No leftover tokens after the festival, shorter lines at all the bars and afterwards the remaining balance was refunded.

Together with Rabobank we will go one step further during this year’s edition which means that Best Kept Secret will be completely cashless. At all bars and food stands you are able to pay with either your debit or credit card. Actually quite a logical step, since in previous years almost all of you already used there debit and/or credit cards to charge the chip on their wristband. The pros? You won’t have any remaining balance on your chip after the festival and there’s no need to queue anymore to recharge your balance. This saves a lot of valuable time which you can definitely use in many other ways during the festival. And giving a round of drinks? That’s the same as in the pub: in turns or by using an app like Cost Split, Rabo Ipayou, Tikkie, WieBetaaltWat and Sjaak. Easy as pie!