Besides the fact that our line-up has plenty to discover, Best Kept Secret has many more surprises in store for you.

Would you rather spend your money on a fresh vinyl from of our Best Kept Secret acts? No worries, We’ve got you covered! Sounds Tilburg will, just like previous years, provide a vast vinyl selection. And don’t forget about The Casbah where last year the most rock ’n roll festival goers could be found all night long. Or would you rather not be center stage and prefer a place where you can relax? Our Secret Garden is the place where you can fully relax and unwind with a festival newspaper.

That Best Kept Secret strives for catering organic and delicious food is no longer a secret. Food plays an integral part of your experience during Best Kept Secret. Yet, we still strive to innovate and improve each year. The past two years you could join our Long Table Dinner, enjoy the best Asian cuisine there’s to offer at Tokyo Hill or pick your own (veggie) burger at one of the many burger specialists in Burger Town.