This year Best Kept Secret will be organised for the sixth time in a row. In our relatively short history, we’ve had the honor of welcoming over 250 artists and performers to our festival, with an abundance of incredible moments to cherish and reminisce about. In 2014, The War On Drugs ushered the sun below the horizon with their majestic courtship of guitars. And surely, who could forget Damien Rice’s legendary solo performance during Best Kept Secret’s inaugural edition? In 2013, alt-J performed a mind-boggling set at the TWO, causing many visitors to wonder whether they should’ve graced the main stage instead. And of course, that’s exactly what happened two years later. And last year we were able to have Radiohead, your ánd our dream headliner, to close ONE with an unforgettable performance.

There’s already so much stuff to retell, from Portishead’s scary good show to the lovable Greek Larry Gus’s glitchy, knee-jerk madness. For the full gamut of past line-ups of the previous editions, take a look here.