So what is Best Kept Secret exactly? Is it a secret?

Best Kept Secret is a three day music festival in Hilvarenbeek. This year marks our fifth anniversary!

At Best Kept Secret, we program artists we – as fans of music – would like to see live, preferably in front of a larger audience than said artists are used to. By doing so, we don’t think in genres or stylistics. Whether it’s indie rock, hip hop, electronic music: as long as we dig it, it deserves a slot at our festival. With over a hundred artists, bands and DJs performing at Best Kept Secret perennially, there’s plenty of stuff to discover.

To make the experience that much more fulfilling, we take great pride in making the terrain as beautiful and practical as possible. Best Kept Secret exhibits and utilizes the gorgeous woodland area surrounding safari park Beekse Bergen, with a beautiful lakeside to boot. Our open air main stage ONE can be found right at the beach. The additional stages are sheltered by the bordering woodlands. If you follow the hubbub through the woods, you’ll eventually find your way to FOUR, better known as the DJ-stage. Over here, our host St, Paul stands behind the turntables to share his love and enthusiasm for music, along with an assembly of guest DJs and heads.

Camping is another integral part of Best Kept Secret. You can sleep on the natural campsite, rent a cosy bungalow or stay inside a log cabin at the bungalow park. Not only does Best Kept Secret deliver diversity and balance in its programming and facilities, there’s also a strong emphasis on providing good, sustainable food and drinks.

Best Kept Secret is all about giving you and your friends the opportunity to shape your own festival experience. Take your chums to an area they may or may not have been there beforehand, play your favorite tunes like St. Paul and grab the mic during one of our indie karaoke parties. Sit down at our long table and grill your own piece of meat on our BBQ’s. And most importantly, enjoy this weekend of great music and exciting performances with us!