What about traveling to Best Kept Secret by car?

That’s fine. But we recommend carpooling as much as possible. Why? Well, for one, it’s more healthy for the natural environment we wish to preserve. It’s even better idea to use public transportation. During the previous edition of Best Kept Secret, the parking spaces were filled beyond capacity because of the poor weather. We’ve taken that situation to heart. This year, we’ve made necessary adjustments to our parking policy to prevent a situation where you’ll need a four by four. Either way, just like in normal traffic, please be in tune with yourself and others once the crowdedness hits its peak.

Parking tickets cost €15 in presale and €25 offhand. Last year there were a couple of things unclear regarding our parking expenses. So to clarify: one vehicle, one parking ticket. You can pay parking fees in cash and by debit card.

Parking spaces will open every day at 09:00 am.

The parking area won’t be under surveillance, so Best Kept Secret will not take responsibility for lost property or damage to your vehicle and/or it’s contents.