Why are all tickets registered by name?

All tickets for Best Kept Secret are registered by name. We’ve taken this measure to prevent any undesirable brokering activities. That’s why we ask you to enter both your own name and the names of your festival companions during the reservation procedure. If you want to purchase Day Tickets for yourself and your friends, there are two available options:
– You fill in your own name for all tickets. Note: this will require you and your companions to enter the ticket checkpoint simultaneously.
– You fill in all the names separately. That way, everyone can enter the ticket checkpoint individually.

Are you going for Weekendtickets including camping? Just like the previous editions of Best Kept Secret, you need to register not only your full name, but also your address and your date of birth, as well as those of your companions. Since Best Kept Secret is held at a certified camping facility, it’s required by government law to keep a night register of all the people staying on the premises. Make sure you have all the necessary information available once you begin your ticket and camping reservation. Don’t worry: the information you submit will be exclusively used for the night register and treated confidentially.

If you’re somehow unable to attend Best Kept Secret 2017, and you wish to give away your tickets to someone else? Don’t worry: you can change the name of said person on the ticket by filling in this form. You’ll pay for the service, shipping and transactions fees. Important note: you can switch up until Tuesday June 13th 2017 11:59 PM at the very latest.

June 13th update: we’ve received a number of messages from some of you who weren’t able to change the name on their tickets via Eventim before today’s deadline of Tuesday June 13 23:59. To be of assistance in these cases, we have worked out the following solution.

At the Main Entrance we will place a temporary Eventim service desk. The new owner of the ticket can report oneself here with the ticket and an email by the original purchaser of the ticket (in which the original purchaser will confirm that he/she has transferred his/her ticket). We will then be able to change the name on the ticket on site. For this act we will charge the same transaction fees as we did for everyone who already made the changes online. We are not sure how many people are to be expected at this service desk, so it could take a while before we can help you out. Please note: when changing the name on site we can’t guarantee that your ticket will be valid for the festival as we were able to when changing it online before Eventim deadline.

Update June 13th 22:50: Together with Eventim we have decided to refund all transaction fees that were charged for changing names on tickets. Due to the huge amount of requests we weren’t able to offer the service level we’d like to represent. We will also charge no transaction fees for all name changes that will be made at the service desk on site.