Privacy Statement

The Best Kept Secret festival (hereinafter: the Event) is organised by Friendly Fire B.V., with its registered office and principal place of business at ArenA boulevard 61-75 (1101DL) in Amsterdam, and registered under Chamber of Commerce number 30251806.
Friendly Fire respects the privacy of its clients and of all visitors to the website (hereinafter: the Website) and/or the Event (hereinafter jointly: the Visitors). Friendly Fire ensures that the personal data are handled confidentially. Personal data are processed in accordance with the statutory provisions as prescribed by the Personal Data Protection Act.

This privacy statement provides information about the processing of personal data by Friendly Fire and only concerns the use of personal data of Visitors to the Website and/or the Event.
This privacy statement does not apply to the websites of third parties to which Friendly Fire offers a hyper link at or in its mailings. Please visit the relevant websites for the privacy policy applied by these third parties.

What personal data are used by Friendly Fire?
When purchasing tickets for the Event, the Visitor may be asked (by the relevant (presale) outlet or other parties) to provide personal data such as the Visitor’s name, (email) address and telephone number, which data Friendly Fire will obtain from the (presale) outlet.
In addition, Friendly Fire has the right to use the personal data of Visitors, such as the Visitor’s name, (email) address and telephone number, it obtains directly from Visitors in connection with orders placed with Friendly Fire via the Website.
Friendly Fire also has the right to obtain surfing data (including the IP address, date and time of the visit to the Website) of Visitors to the Website.
In order to enable the registration of a payment instrument obtained from Friendly Fire for use during the Event, such as a wristband or payment card, which can be used to pay for refreshments during the Event, the Visitor will be asked to provide an email address and a password. In order to receive a refund from Friendly Fire of the outstanding amount that was deposited on the registered payment instrument by the Visitor in case of loss or theft, the Visitor will be asked to provide certain data such as his/her name, email address, bank account number and telephone number. In addition, it will be necessary to inspect the Visitor’s valid proof of identity.

What will your personal data be used for?
Friendly Fire uses the data in principle to be able to perform the agreements with Visitors in the best possible manner and for internal administration purposes.
More specifically, Friendly Fire may collect and use personal data:

for the purpose of sending tickets and products purchased from Friendly Fire to the right person;
in order to be able to link a payment instrument purchased by the Visitor from Friendly Fire, only if the Visitor chooses this, to the Visitor so that the payment instrument can be blocked in case the payment instrument is lost or stolen;
in order to be able to refund (any) remaining balance on the payment instrument obtained by the Visitor from Friendly Fire, only if the Visitor chooses this, in case the payment instrument is lost or stolen and, in this connection, in order to be able to implement security measures and prevent fraud as much as possible;
to provide Visitors with information or facilitate the provision of information to Visitors, for example by means of newsletters, concerning changes relating to tickets and/or concerts and events organised by Friendly Fire;
for the purpose of establishing, maintaining and improving the contractual relationship with its existing and potential clients or for the purpose of improving the services and products; and/or
to apply and comply with statutory obligations.
The data are not used for any purpose other than as described above.
Friendly Fire will not share data with third parties without the express approval of the Visitor, unless this is necessary for the performance of the agreement with the Visitor, or to improve the services and products, or unless it is required by law to do so.
Friendly Fire sends newsletters by email. You have the option to unsubscribe from the newsletter at the bottom of each newsletter you receive from Friendly Fire. You will no longer receive newsletters containing information if you unsubscribe.
Any backups of stored information created by Friendly Fire for the optimal performance of the systems are used exclusively for system recovery in the event of a system failure.

Surfing data and clicking behaviour
Surfing data collected by Friendly Fire can be stored and used to statistically analyse and optimise the visit to and use of the Website. Surfing data are anonymised as much as possible. Only anonymised data can be passed on to third parties such as Google Analytics.

Cookies and Google Analytics
Similarly to most other websites, Friendly Fire reserves the right to gather information by using cookies, which facilitate navigation of the Website. Cookies are small bits of information (files) that are left behind on a computer by a website. The website instructs the web browser that is used to view the website (for example Internet Explorer) to store these cookies on the computer. Cookies can be disabled in the web browser’s settings.
Friendly Fire uses Google Analytics to obtain insight into the use of the Website. This information, including the IP address, is provided to Google exclusively for the purpose of making use of this service.
The Website also places cookies from Google within the context of the Google Analytics service. Friendly Fire has no influence on what Google does with the information it has obtained in this manner.

Social networks
The Website includes buttons that are linked to social networks such as Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. The relevant social networks can place cookies via the buttons. The relevant social networks are responsible for the use and provision of data that are used in this manner. The privacy statements of the relevant social networks apply in this connection.

Retention period
Friendly Fire retains personal data no longer than is strictly necessary for the performance of the agreements and in any event no more than two years after the agreement has ended, unless it is necessary to retain them for a longer period in order to comply with a statutory retention obligation.

Inspection and correction
Visitors may file a written request to Friendly Fire at for the inspection, correction and/or removal of their personal and other data. Any corrections will be processed following a written request to that effect. Visitors must ensure that Friendly Fire has the correct personal data.

Friendly Fire reserves the right to make changes to this privacy statement. Visitors are advised to consult the privacy policy regularly for any changes. Friendly Fire will expressly inform Visitors of any essential changes.
If you still have questions and/or comments after reading this privacy statement, please contact us at