Easy Camp

Stop carrying all those camping necessities and let us do the hard work. Get yourself a pre-pitched accommodation at our Easy Camp and start your Best Kept Festival in an easy way.


Enough of lugging your tent, air mattress or other camping gear? Save yourself the hassle and book a FestiTent! FestiTent provides a solid ready-made tent for you, available as a single, double or quadruple tent with airbed (s).

Available as a single, double or quadruple tent with air mattresses. The only thing you have to bring is your sleeping bag, clothing, pillow and partyvibe.


A watertight, environmentally friendly and relaxed way to spend the night at the KarTent Green Camp on our Easy Camp. The KarTent offers space for two or four people and stays comfortable and dark in the morning.

Regardless of the weather, the KarTent stays dry inside for at least four days. And when you get back home, KarTent collects all the tents to turn them into new cardboard products such as a camping chair or table.