Best Kept Secret Festival

June 12-13-14, 2020


Sunday 2 June

Via streaming services we’re getting our fill of chill ‘ambient’ music. Sure, a good chunk of it has just the right amount of pastiche to appease your local massage parlor. But REALLY good ambient has the potential to burrow new gateways into your brain, a similar sensation to watching a movie unfold. Haron Aumaj is one of those individuals who wields that kind of awesome power, and he’s putting that power to maximum use on his excellent album Wandelaar. That’s Dutch for ‘walker’, by the way, and we don’t mean those snarling things from The Walking Dead. This is music that instills wonder instead of dread: translucent and tranquil, with the sporadic cosmic Big Bang to makes things interesting. With Torus and Kate NV and Fenna Fiction, Haron headlines Best Kept Secret’s ambient afternoon at the SEVEN, the perfect moment to rest your mind amidst all the festival hullabaloo.