Best Kept Secret Festival

June 12-13-14, 2020

Kraftwerk 3D

Saturday 1 June

We dare you to find a band more influential and innovative than Kraftwerk. Artists ranging from David Bowie to Daft Punk to Aphex Twin, they wouldn’t have made their mark if the band from Düsseldorf hadn’t pioneered music first. Same goes Detroit-techno and hip-hop luminaries like Afrika Bambaataa. Their work was always embedded with catchy melodies and beats, paving the way for a long line of sonic innovators.

Kraftwerk’s status as a landmark band in pop’s rich history has only mushroomed over the years, and neither has their hunger for futurism. QED: Kraftwerk developed state-of-the-art show concepts over the years, performing several iconic shows in The Netherlands this century. One being the Evoluon in Eindhoven, followed by eight sold-out shows in Paradiso where each of their classic albums was performed integrally. Heck, Kraftwerk even kicked off the Tour de France in Utrecht. And why stop there: Kraftwerk descends on Best Kept Secret with an audiovisual spectacle that’s something to behold: Kraftwerk 3D. For this special occasion, we are going to distribute 25,000 3D glasses to everyone on the field at Stage ONE. Prepare for flying saucers shooting across your ears, for the Autobahn to come to life.