Best Kept Secret Festival

June 12-13-14, 2020

Kurt Vile and The Violators

Sunday 2 June

We remember it fondly: Kurt Vile and his clique The Violators played the inaugural Best Kept Secret in 2013. The prolific Philly-based mastermind hasn’t slowed down the slightest in the years that followed. Vile’s unique, laidback sound combines the best of musical auteurs of the seventies with the refractory guitar sounds from the nineties’ underground. Don’t let his blasé vocal delivery fool you either: Vile has established himself as one of the most shrewd storytellers of his era, able to piecemeal through smoky, ten-minute jams like a foggy autumnal breeze. No matter how effortless and nonchalant the songs of Kurt Vile get, it is virtually impossible not to notice what a craftsman he is. We can’t wait to give him another warm welcome at Best Kept Secret 2019.