Best Kept Secret Festival

June 12-13-14, 2020

Ron Gallo

Saturday 1 June

In a period when authentic rock icons become increasingly rare, Ron Gallo – with his skinny posture and striking afro hairstyle – holds the torch burning proudly. Gallo is an artist who likes to annoy you a bit to get his message across – preferably as loudly as possible. In the video for Please Yourself, for example, the weirdo punk poet climbs into the trunk of a truck with the audacity to stop a whole intersection with a dash of rash garage punk. On his unruly debut Heavy Meta, Gallo admonishes armchair activism and the decline of punk, and on equally impressive successor Stardust Birthday Party, he holds the mirror to himself. Keeping enough ammunition in stock for Best Kept Secret … wait, is this really a question!?