Best Kept Secret Festival

June 12-13-14, 2020


Sunday 2 June

Joeri Woudstra a.k.a. Torus will probably be the first to tell you that classification is futile when it comes to his work. This blossoming Amsterdam-based producer enjoys electronic music in all its facets, ranging from Tiësto’s arena-sized trance to the outer peripheries of ambient and techno. There is but one rule, however, that Torus has sworn himself to throughout his young creative life: contrast. As long as there is contrast, Torus can pretty much move any spirit. He is especially great at occupying that strange space between lulling ambience and propellent intensity: in the very same track he can soothe your afternoon hangover and compel you to get rowdy. With Kate NV and Haron, he forms an impressive trinity on stage SEVEN, hosting an ambient afternoon for those want to achieve a higher plain of consciousness.