Friday June 8 stage three 01:00

Job Jobse

No joke: Job Jobse’s career literally began spinning records in the toilets of Club Trouw in Amsterdam. Being the ever veritable musical nerd, a still-green Jobse already had the luxury of looking behind the DJ booths of the big boys, learning the craft by osmosis. At a ridiculous pace, he skyrocketed from toilet duty to Trouw Resident, eventually becoming label manager of Life & Death and internationally-acclaimed, burgeoning DJ prodigy. That’s quite a from-restroom-to-riches story to tell the grandkids, but for now Jobse is avidly conquering dancefloors with his melodic-minded, but always unpredictable record selections. When Job Jobse starts bringing out the moves from behind his decks, you know it will be an epic night!