ONE, Best Kept Secret’s main stage is an open air stage stationed right across the beach. This is where our headliners play. Arctic Monkeys were the first headliners ever at Best Kept Secret in 2013 and many highlights followed. Remember the legendary show by Future Islands? Samuel T. Herring used an alternative way to go backstage. Or The War On Drugs, who ushered the sun below the horizon with their majestic courtship of guitars. And don’t forget about Arcade Fire and Radiohead who both in their own ways managed to completely mesmerise the audience with their impressive persormances.

TWO, THREE and FIVE are our tent stages and vary in size and scope: these are the designated spots to check out more left field music or burgeoning new artists. In TWO we witnessed great performances by acts such as Wilco and Portishead. THREE invites you into the realms of a nightclub with the better hiphop and electronic acts. FIVE is our smallest stage and is the ultimate place for cutting edge alternative bands, free-spirited experimentalists and high-octane punk rock.

FOUR is where a lot of the magic at Best Kept Secret happens. Here, our host St. Paul shares his unceasing appetite for great music behind the turntables, shoulder to shoulder with a number of special guest DJs and pundits. Last but not least there’s The Casbah, the darkest and loudest bar at BKS. This year, The Casbah will return as a full-fledged stage with five sick bands that will demolish the stage in the night.