Of course! We are doing the best we can to make the area as reachable and accessible as possible, but unfortunately we can not guarantee that every bit of the wooded terrain can be accessed easily by people with disabilities or people in wheelchairs. Please send an email to, so we can give you special accreditation and instructions.

Pay attention: Best Kept Secret does not offer special tickets or discounts for visitors with disabilities or their carers. Everybody pays the same price.

Across the festival terrain lies a broad paved road that is easily accessible for visitors in wheelchairs. The biggest part of the campsite grounds are also accessible via paved roads. But keep in mind: Beekse Bergen is a natural environment, which means that there will be paths to the stages via sand and woods.

It is not possible to take folding chairs or stools to the festivalgrounds. In every corner of the festival terrain, you can find plenty of places to sit or rest and relax. Scootmobiles are not allowed at the festival terrain because of safety.

Do you have doubts about the accessibility in your circumstances? Please let us know by mailing us at, so we can give you advice.

Next to the First Aid post, and at the toilet blocks between stage ONE and TWO, you can find special toilets for disabled persons.

Set up your navigation to Tilburgseweg 41, Hilvarenbeek and turn your navigation off when you see the yellow Best Kept Secret signs. Follow the sign with a wheelchair icon. Please note: did you make a reservation for an accommodation at the Safari Resort or Holiday Park from Beekse Bergen? Then you have to take an other route to your accommodation. All information about this can be found here.

Do you use a wheelchair/ have walking difficulties and are you coming by car? Please let us know through Mention the number of cars you’ll be coming with, and your license plate number. We will do our best to make sure you get a parking place closer to the entrance. You’ll receive your wristband for Best Kept Secret there as well. We have a limited number of parking places here, so please don’t wait too long with this request. From the disabled parking space it is still approximately 1 kilometer to the festival grounds, but this way it is way less crowdy. Also, the path is asphalted and easily accessible. Pay attention: the disabled parking space is not accessible without passing on your licence plate number to before the festival.


It is possible to stay at the regular campsite. In the fixed toilet blocks you can find facilities for visitors with disabilities. Please pay attention: the campsite is a natural site, so it is possible some spots are not completely accessible.

Our two biggest stages (ONE and TWO) have wheelchair platforms, which are exclusively meant for wheelchair users. Every wheelchair user can take one carer with them at the wheelchair platform: this does not have to be the same person every time of course. If the platform gets to crowdy, the festival staff may ask the carers to leave the platform if possible.

First of all: with more than fifty unique caterers, we make sure that vegan/vegetarian visitors and people allergic to gluten can eat varied meals.

If you need special nutrition or medicine and you want to take this to the festival grounds, you will need a doctor’s statement. Please send us an e-mail at before the festival. We will make sure that the security staff knows why you carry pills with you.

It is (legally) allowed to take your assistance dog to the festivalgrounds, but we want to stress that the festival is not an animal friendly environment because of the crowds, loud music and light effects. This accords to the advice of KNGF Geleidehonden: ‘We are not in favour of taking assistance dogs to festivals, concerts and other places with crowds and loud noises. The dog can’t do its job and looses its guiding function.’