Simple, with either your debit or credit card. Cashless as it is. This means that at all bars, lockers, shuttle busses and food stands you will be able to pay with your debit or credit card. The pro’s are that you won’t need to get cash before the festival, don’t have to queue to buy tokens or to recharge your chip. Where ever you are, if your bank funds are sufficient, you will be able to pay directly without having to queue up to recharge a chip or to buy tokens. Another pro is that you won’t be left with a remaining balance on your chip on Monday.

You will be able to use cashless if you have Maestro, VISA, Mastercard, VPay, JCB, Up and Diners. Unfortunately, American Express cannot be used, so please take that in consideration!

Simple, just like when going to the pub. Either take turns to buy a round of drinks or use an app like CostSplit, Rabo Ipayou, Tikkie, WieBetaaltWat and Sjaak to keep tabs on all rounds.

If you lose your debit/credit card or your card won’t function, please go to the information desk. There you will be able to purchase special prepaid cards which can be used at the festival grounds. These cards can be purchased for a small fee by bank transfer, cash, credit card or debit card. At the information desk they are happy to help you out.