The festival is over, but there’s still balance on my pre-paid BKS debit card… How do I get my money back?

After Best Kept Secret, you can request a refund online for the balance on your pre-paid debit card. Follow these steps:

1: Go to the site
2: Click on the button ‘Register’.
3: Click on the button ‘Debit card’, fill in your e-mail adress and click next.
4: You receive a verification e-mail. Open the mail and click on the link ‘Bevestigen’ (confirm)
5: A new page will pop up. Fill in the requested data and click on the button ‘Register’ (Note that a card number and a CVC code will be requested, you can find these on your BKS debit card).
6: You have created an account now. Click the button ‘Restitutie/Refund’ and fill in the requested data.

You can request an online refund from Monday June 11, 2018 until Monday July 9, 2018.