Best Kept Secret Festival

May 31 - June 1-2 2019

Is Best Kept Secret as green as its surroundings?


We are extremely thankful to be able to organize the festival in the amazing woodlands of Beekse Bergen. This is why we’re doing our best to preserve the environment as best as possible. Therefore, we employ a deposit system for drinking cups to avoid pollution. All beers and beverages are poured into plastic cups, which you can immediately return to any bar before the next round of drinks. We’ve been able to save almost two tons of plastic waste this way.

We offer all other waste separately to the waste processor. We’ve conferred about this with our vendors to reduce the amount of food waste. Whatever remains will be supplied to the local food bank.

A fair chunk of our stages and backstage production runs on fixed voltage. This reduces the use of generators and spares thousands litres of diesel fuel. Every year, we make a concentrated effort to become an environment-friendly festival. That’s why we urge you to treat the area as respectfully as we do.