Best Kept Secret Festival

May 31 - June 1-2 2019

What am I not allowed to bring?

Festival Rules

Similar to other festivals, drugs, fireworks, (fire)weapons and dangerous objects (like – but not limited – to sprays cans or CS gas) are not allowed at Best Kept Secret.

Apart from the objects named above, it is also prohibited to bring the following items to the festival grounds: food, glassware, plastic bottles (0.5 litres bottles without a cap are allowed), canteen bottles, tin cans, hydro bags (seriously?), (folding) chairs, stool, selfie sticks, inflatable objects, umbrellas and parasols. We do love pets, but they are not allowed at the festival. A light bag or small backpack is allowed in. Please take in account that security might check your bag at the festival entrance.

A complete list of all the Terms & Conditions can be found here.

Camping & Accommodation
Are you staying for the night on the campsite or in one of the permanent accommodations? Check the camping rules (Dutch only) here. You will be allowed to bring soda drinks and low-alcohol beverages, with a maximum of 4,5 litres, onto the campsite. Gas grills, stoves, fridges, beer kegs and jockey boxes are not allowed on the camping grounds.

The organisation will seize all prohibited items at the entrance. Illegal substances will be reported and transferred to the police.