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Food and drinks

At Best Kept Secret, good food and drinks are of paramount importance. That’s why we collect the best caterers to prepare fresh meals for the festival audience. Italian, Mexican or Asian? Vegetarian, vegan or gluten free? You name it, we serve it!

At Best Kept Secret, we strive for meals that are as diverse and sustainable as possible. We take diets and allergies into account. We encourage our caterers to offer vegetarian meals and they don’t use any plastic disposables.

Moreover, we challenge every caterer to have one special on the menu: a special dish in a limited edition, because it’s laborious, not long-lasting or rare. In this way, we try to make our visitors aware that food is not available in infinite quantities, even at a festival.

With our great creative caterers we are ensured of an extensive range with plenty of healthy options. But we also know that with a hangover a greasy meal is the tastiest, so these will certainly not be missing.

During all the partying, dancing, singing and running from show to show, you certainly won’t get hungry!