14 April2023

De Staat - Red / Yellow / Blue

The Red / Yellow / Blue shows

Three days. Three wildly different shows. It is time to colour it in. BKS is proud to present this very special project by one of The Netherlands’ biggest bands. Across our three day infinity, De Staat will perform three separate and unique shows. Each its own colour, its own state of mind, and its own setlist. Three different stages. No song repeats. So strap in, and revel in this opportunity to shed your true colours and commit to Red, Yellow, and Blue. What is it going to be?

De Staat – Yellow

The sky turns Yellow, as the showlights come on in this lighthearted and danceable hue. Time to change the channel. Input – Source – Select: De Staat. Pay attention, surrender control, the beat is now taking over. And be ready to step up, because standing still is not an option. You wanna be the GOAT? You got it.

De Staat – Blue

One day, day two. Close your eyes and drift away in this sonic landscape… Everything is melancholically Blue as we lose track of time and immerse ourself in this hi-fi infinity. Do not hesitate to let yourself go, because before you know we’re running backwards into the future.

De Staat – Red

It’s the end of the line: waves of Red will absorb you into its swirling mass. No time to think, heads will roll on this dark side of the spectrum. What more have you got left in the tank? Because with this one, De Staat is coming for your energy surplus. What’s that? Look at me!