06 January2022

Interview: the new chapter of Leon Bridges

Texan soulman Leon Bridges appeared on 3VOOR12 Radio to talk about the beginning of his career, his strict Christian upbringing and how he eventually achieved great success with his music - latest album Gold Diggers Sound was nominated for a Grammy.

Leon Bridges

As one of the past decade’s breakout stars, Leon Bridges’ music seems to be opening up like an exotic flower. From neon-lit neo soul to rustic folk balladry, his honeyed voice hovers over it all like a familiar companion. As his musical horizon stretches, so does his intensity and activism: his song ‘Sweeter’ is a response to the ongoing police brutality against black communities, bringing the political and personal together in arresting fashion.

On June 10-11-12 2022, Leon Bridges plays Best Kept Secret.

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