18 November2021

Is This It? by Benny Blisto

More than 20 years ago today, Benny Blisto heard ‘Last Nite’ by the Strokes for the very first time. Benny is a big fan of music and nowadays he is the chef at BAK, the restaurant in a warehouse in the old lumber port of Houthavens, Amsterdam. Rock-‘n-roll still defines the atmosphere at BAK and Benny’s new ideas and concepts with which he wants to offer people a special night. With the most delicate seasonal products he creates the most prestigious dishes that are enjoyed alongside the best natural wines.

Maurits and Benny met each other in the music scene. Benny Blisto is the title of the debut album of the band Go Back To The Zoo from Nijmegen while Maurits played in GEM. Both wouldn’t have been without The Strokes. There was no escaping that these mob of rockers would often bump into each other.

In 2009, Benny prepared oysters from the mudflats in a culinary way in his food truck at the first edition of Into The Great Wide Open festival where Maurits was in the festival team. There, they learned to know each other better. Benny loves to visit festivals and feels the ambiance. The combination of good music and good food as the perfect sum of parts.

For this special Saturday night, Benny has created a 5 course menu which is entirely inspired by the album Is This It. What he will make will of course remain a culinary Secret for now… This food special is available very limited and will take place at a very long table around the lodge by the lake.