08 June2022

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The time is near…

Within a couple of days, we’ll be roaming the Best Kept Secret grounds, discovering the latest and greatest in music, food and more. Time to brace yourself and get prepared.

Below you will find the top-11 most important things to take into account when planning your visit, so we can make sure your visit runs as smoothly as possible!

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1. Travel

You can visit Best Kept Secret by bike, train, shuttle bus or (if you really want to) by car. We’ve made a comprehensive list with all the options and more information here. Also please be aware all coach travels by Partybussen.nl have been cancelled, ticketholders have received more information.

2. Opening hours

Festival site
Friday June 10 / 14:00 – 04:00
Saturday June 11 / 11:30 – 04:00
Sunday June 12 / 11:30 – 01:00

Camp site

Friday June 10 - 10:00 until Monday June 13 - 12:00.

3. Timetable and map

Your ultimate guide for this weekend! Download the Best Kept Secret 2022 timetable here. And to discover the festival and camping site, download our map here.

4. Cup token system

Did you know that about 150 million single-use cups end up in the trash at events? To reduce the CO2 emission that the production of all this plastic causes, we use a Cup Token system using rPET (recycled PET) cups.

1. You receive a Cup Token at the festival entrance.
2. Order your drink at the bar and exchange your Cup Token for a cup.
3. Enjoy your drink!
4. Thirsty again? Return your empty cup to the bar in exchange for a new one.

Don’t feel like holding your cup for a while? Then exchange your cup at the bar for a Cup Token. At the end of the festival you hand in your cup at the bar or at our Cup Return Team called ‘The Green Team’, which you can recognize by their green suits.

Note: lost your cup or your Cup Token? Or is your cup too dirty or damaged? Then you’ll make a small payment for a new cup or Cup Token.


5. Payment

Paying at Best Kept Secret is only possible with debit or credit card (or digital equivalent on your phone like Apple Pay and Google Pay). This means that at all bars, lockers, shuttle busses and food stands you will be able to pay without tokens. Nice, right? Maestro, VISA, Mastercard, VPay, JCB, Up and Diners are supported. Unfortunately, American Express cannot be used.

If you lose your debit/credit card or your card won’t function, please go to the information desk. There you will be able to purchase special prepaid cards which can be used at the festival grounds.

6. Campsite and accomodation

If you will be staying at the festival campsite, Easy Camp or Comfort Camp, we recommend checking out what you are and aren’t allowed to bring here. Visitors who hired a pre-pitched tent have been informed about their reservation per e-mail.
If you made a reservation at Beekse Bergen, you have received information from them. For questions about your reservation at Beekse Bergen, please contact their Contact Center: 088-9000360 (available Monday to Friday between 8.30am and 6pm and on Saturdays from 9am to 5pm) or mail to [email protected].

7. Smoking

Since the Dutch law prohibits smoking in (public) inside areas and festival tents are categorized as such; it is strictly forbidden to smoke in the tents on the festival site. The Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority will be walking around the festival site to check on this. In case you are caught smoking in a tent, you can be fined directly with fines leading up to a couple hundred euros. Also please be aware we don’t sell cigarettes on the festival site.

8. Lockers

Just before the festival entrance and at the festival campsite you will find lockers where you can safely store your belongings. Lockers are available from €8, in large and small sizes and for one or more days. It’s also possible to charge your phone in the lockers at the festival campsite. Please be aware day lockers will be emptied at the end of the day one hour after our program ends.

9. #BKS22 online

We will share (important) updates and news about Best Kept Secret 2022 via our social media → Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. So please follow us to stay up-to-date. And of course, like previous editions, Best Kept Secret 2022 deserves to be documented. We encourage you to share lots of pictures and videos on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and if you do so please use hashtag #BKS22 and tag us (@BKSfestival), so we can see all your lovely footage!

10. The Lodge

For this brand new edition of Best Kept Secret, we thought about how we wanted to present a more complete festival experience than ever to you. So we asked our favourite chefs to prepare a nice meal based on their favourite artists. They will do so at The Lodge, our special three-day-curated restaurant with a lake view. Alessandro Da Fies is the curator, De Nieuwe Keuken, Gebr. Hartering and BAK restaurant are among the restaurants participating. You can find all info and buy tickets for a timeslot (limited availability) here. Enjoy your meal!


At Best Kept Secret Festival we all make sure everyone has a great time. Sexual or any other form of harassment is not accepted here. See someone being harassed? Ask the question: Are you okay? For more information check www.benjeoke.nl

Please be aware you can always inform anyone in our staff (security, bar staff etc.) if you experience anything or see something that does not seem or feel right.

See you soon!

We cannot wait to welcome you. Let's make this a weekend to remember.

P.S. There’s a lot more (practical) information available in our FAQ. Please check here if you still have any questions, before contacting us directly. Thanks!