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24 March2023

More than 30 new confirmations to get you dancing at BKS23

Presenting the Day & Night program for The Floor, Coney Island and Playground Love

It’s about time to reintroduce some familiar faces. BKS-resident from the very start, DJ St. Paul, has once again succeeded in curating the most exciting, genre-bending, party at the heart of our festival site. Presented by its undisputed king, The Floor will definitely be yours again this year. And dance your way into amazement with best eclectic party on Coney Island. This year curated by our returning good friends of the Amsterdam-based pop-up bar and radio station Radio Radio. Along with the program for our curated areas, you can even let yourself be surprised by the shapeshifting party at Club Kilo Kilo who are hosting Playground Love.

Discover our program.

Discover our program