21 April2022

Music program expanded

Good news!

We’ve expanded our musical program even more. From French post-punk act Unschooling to Dutch indie quartet Pip Blom, among many many more. With the addition of these names below, our music program is finally complete… and with that the count stands at more than 120 acts!

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New names

New on the program: L'Rain, Talk Show, Merol, Tramhaus, Carista, Cero Ismael, Future Husband, Pip Blom, The Vices, Unschooling, Meskerem Mees, Nagasaki Swim, Nilüfer Yanya and Novastar. 2MANYDJS LIVE will now be replacing SOULWAX on Best Kept Secret due to unforeseen band and crew availability. 2MANYDJS LIVE can’t wait to see you all at the show, and SOULWAX will be back in time! With these fresh additions, the music program for the return of BKS this summer is complete.

Familiair and renewed

Despite two festival-less summers, we haven't been sitting still at Best Kept Secret. The team has worked hard to revitalize BKS, reliably upholding our motto 'the best of the known and unknown' . Combining people, artists, art and other creative concepts is central to this, with music as the ultimate connector. As a result, we now have a partial new site layout, new collaborations – such as areas hosted by Kiosk Radio and Radio Radio, not to mention a brand new identity. In addition, we of course keep the familiar winning elements, such as stages ONE, TWO and The Casbah! This edition of Best Kept Secret has perhaps the most varied program ever, so it promises to be the ideal outdoor space where there is room for all music, food, art and culture lovers. We've waited a long long time for it and it's finally happening… This is happening!

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