03 February2022

BKS Podcast 'Where Music Takes Us'

Where Music Takes Us is Best Kept Secret's newest podcast. This podcast will fill listeners in on everything Best Kept Secret is, can be and will be. In the fourth episode we talk with Rein op 't Root from EuroPizza. With him we discuss the magical marriage between food and music and talk about one of his flamboyant food creations: Hogweed ice. What?! Click here!

A podcast featuring artists, makers and other familiars of Best Kept Secret festival, all of whom share a common passion for music. From the cosy scenery of Studio Pandora, festival director Maurits Westerik and Best Kept Secret resident Eveline Smeets look for everything music can offer us. A festival molded into a podcast format, if you will, with all the key elements you’ve come to expect from Best Kept Secret: good music and unexpected encounters, not to mention all the best kept secrets in art and culture. Are you coming?

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