03 December2021

Where Music Takes Us #1

Here we go! After two years of waiting we can finally go wild. With great pride and enthusiasm we share the full program of Best Kept Secret 2022. Quickly go to the full program to take a deep dive. We’ll guide you through some of the musical and cultural highlights in the very first edition of Where Music Takes Us:

Spectacular and romantic vibes

The relief washes over us in an awesome wave to spill the tea about some of the musical secrets we’ve been keeping from you. We are extremely proud to announce the return of UK’s boldest, brainiest pop phenomenon alt-J. This Indie rock band will make sure to be a feast for your eyes and ears with their spectacular light shows and brand new songs like ‘Get Better’ and ‘U&ME’.

What’s your pleasure?

To stay on British soil, we like to introduce you to one of the UK’s foremost pop icons Jessie Ware. What’s your pleasure? is the title of Jessie Ware’s most acclaimed album yet: a contemporary, sleek-fitting take on disco-inflected, open-hearted dance romps.

Ireland-based fast-risers

Going from the UK to a small industrial town named Dundalk in Ireland, the secret from Ireland we like to highlight is the band Just Mustard. There is a specific, romantic vibe you’d expect from a band hailing from a small industrial town: songs inspired by familiar things such as airplanes soaring overhead, or the muffled sound of the TV as you’re falling asleep. Just Mustard is just that and a great deal more.

Culinary secrets #1

Everything and everyone is connected through music. For this brand new edition of Best Kept Secret, we thought about how we wanted to present a more complete festival experience than ever to you, with music as the common denominator. That’s why we asked our favourite chefs to prepare a nice meal based on their favourite artists. Alessandro da Fies is the curator and we'd like to introduce you to the first two very talented chef’s and their restaurants he's selected. The first chef is Rein op 't Root from Euro Pizza in Amsterdam-Noord. Peculiarly enough, it’s not necessarily about the pizza. What’s in a name, right? In fact, the oysters and vegetable dishes on the menu are just as important. Once you finish those, you can share a pizza together with your table mates. Sounds good? We (and De Volkskrant) think so too.

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Culinary secrets #2

Benny Blisto is the chef at BAK, the restaurant in a warehouse in the old lumber port of Houthavens, Amsterdam. We know him as a music lover. “Are The Strokes still coming?” was the first thing Benny asked when we spoke to him on the phone about our new dining idea for Best Kept Secret. For this special night, we asked Benny to create a menu which is entirely inspired by the The Strokes’ first album Is This It. What he will make will of course remain a culinary secret for now… This food special will be available very limited and will take place at a very long table around the lodge by the lake. More info soon!

benny 2