03 December2021

Where Music Takes Us #2

This year’s bill consist out of the best of the known and the unknown! Go to the full program to take a deep dive. We’d like to shine a light on some of these musical and cultural artists from both categories and give you a helping hand in the dark.

The known and unknown

We are always working very hard to keep the program as diverse as our visitors. With this in mind we like to give the stages to all kinds of talented artists, from the wildly popular to some hidden gemstones. Yasmin Williams is one of those gems that has been a best kept secret. Williams is a ground-breaking, style-shifting guitarist whose compositions lift the listener to scenic pastures evoking wanderlust, curiosity and creativity.

Adventurous pioneers

Switching from scenic to elements of hip hop and indie we are delighted to announce the pioneering duo Sad Night Dynamite. This Duo has been labelled as rare geniuses who can curate contrasting elements into cohesive, adventurous pop music.

All around the world

If you like variety as much as we do, we have another vigorous secret to announce. From Africa to America, via Australia and back this rapper and producer uses a vibrant combination of funk, soul, R&B, hip-hop, spoken word and traditional folk. No one less then Sampa The Great will perform at Best Kept Secret 2022.

Contemporary and modern

Music and food unites people, all the same does art. Best Kept Secret is all about diversity and variation and it wouldn’t be same festival if we didn’t create some food for thought and include a feast for the eyes as well. De Pont museum is one of those best kept secrets when it comes down to modern art. Our love for museum de Pont arose from our search for the unknown. De Pont is an independent museum of contemporary art, housed in a former wool-spinning mill. The alternating display of artworks – in the large, open space and in intimate ‘wool-storage rooms’ ­– offers a unique experience to visitors. We can’t wait to collide art and music at Best Kept Secret together with De Pont Museum.


Bold choices

Neither can’t we wait to tell you about Jop Vissers Vorstenbosch. He has a preference for fringe phenomena of daily urban life, constantly looking for new forms of painting. Instead of trying to passively analyse his observations and experiences, he challenges them with brushes, paint, screws and wood in order to visualize them. Get a sneak peek at his Instagram.


Ironic viewpoint

Gert Wessels is another Best Kept Secret who draws his inspiration form everyday objects. In his work Wessels always searches for the limits of functionality and form. With his project ROSA SAKER, he adopts a unique, ironic viewpoint. Using bold colours and challenging the flexibility of acrylic composite, he creates playful yet essential pieces. Find out more on his website.

JT Gert Wessels 26 of 27 SMALL