03 December2021

Where Music Takes Us #3

After waiting for two years, all of us are longing for a wonderful summer filled with good vibes, music and laughter from thousands of strangers. To make Best Kept Secret 2022 a year to never forget we’ve highlighted some of the best musical and cultural artists you should definitely check out! If you want to know all the Best Kept Secrets, the program is your almanac.

Past, present and the future

Music speaks a vast, timeless and universal language everyone understands. Many artists draw their inspiration from the past, present, future and personal experiences, so does Genesis Owusu. Anchored by his depressions and personal demons, his infectious bizarro pop sprouts to the surface with a joyous abandon. For his acclaimed 2021 LP ‘Smiling With No Teeth’ he found inspiration in times where cats hustled the clubs, in punk rock and the virtuoso hip hop producers of today. We are excited to reveal that he will be playing at Best Kept Secret.


A type of artist the term ‘jack-of-all-trades’ (and DEFINITELY a master in all of them) seems to be invented for is Sky Ferreira. She’s a musician, an actress, a model and everything in between. Her upcoming masterpiece ‘Masochist’ is considered a best kept secret of her own, one well worth revealing when the time is nigh.

Genre-defying touring machine

We are also very proud to be able to give the stage to a band who’s notorious for their spry reworkings of Turkish folk and psychedelic music, Altin Gün. This genre-defying touring machine with a constant x-factor ads elements of French pop, kraut rock, Latin and electronic music into the mix. Altin Gün makes you want to move well into the break of dawn.

Bees, birds and butterflies

A good festival is nothing without the best and exclusive liquid refreshments. After all the dancing and wandering around at Best Kept Secret even the best of us need some quality time to re-energize. Wilder Land makes herbal tea that helps restore the Dutch biodiversity. Together with farmers, they are working on a Wilder Land by sowing herbs, so that the bees, birds and butterflies can return to The Netherlands. Also a nice tidbit to mention: you can make incredibly delicious tea from all those aforementioned weeds and herbs. In fact, you can enjoy these unique blends and cleanse yourself with a cup of Dutch environmental friendly herbal tea at Best Kept Secret! If you can’t wait to find out more about those unique blends here you can discover more:

Wilder Land
Team Wilder Land Pauwvliet blend oogsten bij Bo

Culinary secrets #2

If Wilder Land is not your cup of tea, Alessandro da Fies and Théo Cauchois from Troppo Giovane have some of the best natural wine waiting for you! Their philosophy is both simple and dedicated: work with winemakers who take their time. After ten years drinking “natural” Alessandro and Théo found themselves at the crossroads of traditional wine-making and the modern natural wine movement. Enjoy their favourite wines at Best Kept Secret.

Troppo Giovane
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