Best Kept Consciousness

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Yes, we are extremely thankful to once again organize Best Kept Secret in the amazing woodlands of Beekse Bergen. This means we will try our best to sustain its beauty.

Seven years of legendary shows are now printed on Best Kept Secret's cups: we have been using a deposit system for drinking cups since the first edition in 2013. This saves tens of thousands of disposable plastic cups per edition. In collaboration with our vendors, we try to reduce the amount of food waste. To achieve this, we work a lot with local entrepreneurs, suppliers, products and crew. A part of our stages and the backstage production runs on fixed voltage. This reduces the use of generators and spares thousands of liters of diesel fuel. We have switched almost all of the exterior lighting on the festival grounds to the latest LED lights which save up to 70% power in use.

Though we’re not perfect, we’re doing our best to preserve the environment to the best of our capability.

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