Bosch Parade


Music through the lens of culture. Culture through the lens of music. In many ways, Best Kept Secret and Bosch Parade think alike when it comes to unique interdisciplinary art. This inspiring alliance resulted in a moving art manifestation through the waters in’s-Hertogenbosch, inspired by the fantasical and groundbreaking work of Brabantian master Hieronymus Bosch. It's actually how we found each other in our partnership – influencing, inspiring and even curating. With a focus on moments when the lines between genre, medium and sensorial perception start to blur into a singular overwhelming experience.

At Best Kept Secret, Bosch Parade curates a multi-sensorial experience that was, quite literally, a shining highlight of their own event in 2022. The fascinating NAÎAD by SKYPUNCH COLLECTIVE – with Tilburg’s own Celine Werkhoven in its ranks – will undoubtetly catch you off guard when its ever-changing appearance suddenly stirs up the waters running through Beekse Bergen.

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