Euro Pizza Restaurant


We asked our favourite chefs to prepare a tasty meal based on their favourite artists performing at Best Kept Secret, and one of them is of course Rein op 't Root from Euro Pizza in Amsterdam-Noord. When his Restaurant Europa at Het HEM in Zaandam had to close down due to the corona crisis, Rein was already knee deep in the pizza business. He baked sourdough pizzas with trendy toppings in their trusty wood oven in Zaandam, froze them and sold them in stores all over Amsterdam.

Now he owns a pizza restaurant, though peculiarly enough, it’s not necessarily about the pizza as far as he’s concerned. In fact, the oysters and vegetable dishes on the menu are just as important. Once you finish those, you can share a pizza together with your table mates. Sounds good? We think so too. And oh, about the name: “We we’re already stuck with it due to Restaurant Europa, we never figured it would be a really stupid name.” I mean, what’s in a name, right? Especially when there’s pizza involved.

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