Is This It by Benny Blisto


“Are The Strokes still coming?” was the first thing Benny Blisto asked when we spoke to him on the phone about our new dining idea for Best Kept Secret. Benny is the chef at BAK, the restaurant in a warehouse in the old lumber port of Houthavens, Amsterdam. We know him as a music lover. Once, when The Strokes were playing at the Melkweg in Amsterdam, Benny met Cas Hieltjes in the queue and somehow became the title of the debut album by his band Go Back To The Zoo. It can’t be a coincidence that both Cas – who is playing Best Kept Secret with his brilliant super group 4B2M – and Benny are back at the same time.

For this special Saturday night, we asked Benny to create a menu which is entirely inspired by the The Strokes’ first album Is This It. What he will make will of course remain a culinary secret for now… This food special will be available very limited and will take place at a very long table around the lodge by the lake. More info soon!

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