Jop Vissers Vorstenbosch

Best Kept Secret 2022 Sfeer Zondag Beekse Bergen Hilvarenbeek Nederland 075

Jop Vissers Vorstenbosch (1986) has a preference for fringe phenomena of daily urban life. Vorstenbosch is constantly looking for new forms of painting, trying to incorporate art in its ever-changing surroundings. At BKS23, those surroundings will be our festival site, and, of course, you. When wandering the beautiful forest landscape of Best Kept Secret, you will suddenly find yourself to be surrounded by art; roaming upwards, underneath, and through this artistic ‘bosch’ (meaning forest, in the festival’s region of Brabant). And much like the seasons influencing the forest, the progression from day to night will leave its own mark on the “Vorstenbosch”.

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