Maloca Takeover: Le Motel B2B DJ JM

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Hailing from Brussels, Le Motel's world is a vortex of sight and sound that takes in the many and varied corners of the planet. As a music producer and film composer his versatility has taken him to festivals and clubs in every direction as naturally as he has ventured out to the less accessible areas of the globe as a field recordist. It's somewhere in between these spaces that Le Motel operates, gathering unique experiences and sounds to channel through his studio.

Le Motel will play a Back 2 Back set with DJ JM.

DJ JM makes slappin beats for modern discotheques, specialising in off the wall melodies and gritty, smashed up drum rhythms. Established in Vilnius, Lithuania in 2015, but embraced by the UK club scene via releases and gigs with ETS, Nervous Horizon and Goon Club Allstars, DJ JM’s sets and radio shows are filled with his own rough and ready drum bangers and old school hands-in-the-air house vibes.

Saturday june 11, 2022

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