Sarah Neutkens x Kamerata Zuid

Kamerata Zuid Groepsfotos Loc Hal 03062022 Jostijn Ligtvoet Fotografie 114 2

BKS is proud to present the collaboration between Sarah Neutkens and Kamerata Zuid! Experience the fusion of creativity and innovation as Schouwburg Concertzaal Tilburg and BKS bring together the dynamic Dutch composer, model, artist, curator, and writer Sarah Neutkens and the renowned and genre-bending orchestra Kamerata Zuid. This exclusive collaboration is a must-see performance on the last day of the festival, offering a unique and unforgettable 'Sunday Service'. Last year, the venue was blown away by the intense show of Belgian doom metal icons Amenra, but this year, get ready for a multi-faceted spectacle with compositions arranged specially for BKS by Neutkens. Don't miss the chance to witness Tilburg's finest, Kamerata Zuid, in action.

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