Secret Artists In Residence

20220611 BKS Floor Maan Limburg HR 5917

At Best Kept Secret 2023 the curtains will open for the third edition of Secret Artists In Residence. The formula (newly introduced at BKS22 and continued during our very first event at ADE) stays the same, with an added twist! An eclectic group of musicians will come together in the week leading up to and during the festival to hold magical, unusual jam sessions. As for the twist, this time the soundwaves will be coming to you in stereo. Witness an exploration of creativity from left to right, in the form of two brand new transparent cabins, will be set up on-site. Revealing the magic to happen in front of your eyes, as the Secret Artists In Residence are jamming together. And as with all stereo, look to catch these two separate cabins working together.

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