Best Kept Secret?

Best Kept Secret is a three-day discovery of where music can take us. An ear-pleasing mouth-watering heart-warming journey through sounds, shows, flavours, hugs and awes.

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Time and place

Best Kept Secret returns on 7, 8 and 9 June 2024!

The festival site opening hours are Friday 14:00 – 04:00, Saturday 11:00 – 04:00 and Sunday 11:00 – 00:30. The campsite will be opened from Friday 10:00 until Monday 12:00.

Have you booked a camper/caravan pitch? Then you can enter the campsite starting from 13:00. You will receive the specific check-in information one week prior to the festival at the latest. Please note: Have you booked an accommodation via Beekse Bergen, then you will find the check-in information in your confirmation email. Next to that you will receive more information about your stay one week prior to the festival at the latest.

For our Belgian visitors concerned about their voting duty on Sunday, 9 June – you can do so by proxy (volmacht). Find more information below.

BE – Stemmen met een volmacht

Festival campsite


The campsite for Best Kept Secret is located beautifully between the trees and on the edge of our magnificent lake. Here, you can set up your own tent and prepare you very own habitat for an amazing weekend discovery of where music takes us. The campsite for will open on Friday 10:00 AM, and close on Monday 12:00 AM. Not much of a camper? Our friends from Beekse Bergen also have number of luxurious accommodations on offer soon. See our accommodations page for more info.

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I wish to know all the secrets...


Your best chance to unravel all the dirt is subscribing to our newsletter. That way you will be brought up to speed by email for all the latest Best Kept Secret line-up announcements and everything else festival related. You could always follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok as well.




At Best Kept Secret everyone is welcome. Young or old – everyone is welcome to enjoy the festival. Do, however, keep in mind that there are no special baby/child facilities available at the festival . If you are under the age of 16, you will need to be accompanied by an adult. For BKS24 we are introducing New Generation tickets. We are aware the cost of living is increasing, and this especially affects young people. That’s why we want to give the New Generation a chance to join us at a reduced rate, with a massive 27,5% discount on BKS Weekend tickets! If you are 21 or younger when BKS24 starts (born on or after 8 June 2002) you’ll be able to get this incredible deal. Limited availability. See our Ticket page for more info.

Best Kept Volunteers


Without volunteers, there is no Best Kept Secret, it’s as simple as that. Since there’s much interest every year, the volunteer team for Best Kept Secret is normally complete very quickly. Would you like to be a volunteer in our team or be contacted in case a spot opens up? Please send us an e-mail at [email protected].


Purchase tickets


Tickets for Best Kept Secret can only be bought via our website, which will lead you to our official ticket shop. That’s the only way you are certain that you are buying an official ticket and that you won’t be paying more than the regular ticket price. After personalizing your ticket, you will receive the actual PDF-ticket with barcode by email one week before the start of the festival (31 May). This way, we hope to prevent the reselling of tickets for exorbitant prices via unofficial ticketing platforms. If you do wish to resell your ticket, this is possible via our own official reselling platform.

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What are the prices?


Weekend incl. campsite tickets are available for €275 excl. €10 service fee (or if you are 21 or younger for €189 excl. €10 service fee with a New Generation ticket - find more details on our Ticket page). You can also get a group ticket: 10x weekend incl. campsite tickets with each €15 discount. Weekend excl. campsite tickets cost €260 excl. €10 service fee. Day tickets will go on sale at a later date.

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Payment plan


This year, we do not offer a BKS-payment plan. However, it is possible to make use of the financial services of Klarna when purchasing your ticket(s). This way it is still possible to pay your tickets in installments.

Ticket and park regulations


By purchasing your ticket, you automatically agree to our terms and conditions during the buying process. By purchasing a Weekend incl. campsite ticket, you agree with the Beekse Bergen’s park regulations as well. Please read these carefully before making your purchase.

Terms & Conditions and Regulations

I have completed the payment, but have not yet received any tickets...?


If the payment was successful, you have received a confirmation mail from Paylogic. Like last year, we use ticket personalization. This way, we get a better idea of who the BKS audience is. Have you also bought tickets for your friends? They can personalize their own tickets. Login to your Best Kept Secret-account to send them their tickets. After personalizing your ticket, you will receive the actual PDF-ticket with barcode by email one week before the start of the festival (31 May). This way, we hope to prevent the reselling of tickets for exorbitant prices via unofficial ticketing platforms. If you do wish to resell your ticket, this is possible via our own official reselling platform. If you haven't received the confirmation mail, please contact Paylogic via the button below.

Contact Paylogic

I’ve personalised my tickets, but I want to give them to someone else


The name of the ticket holder won’t be checked at the festival gates. So you can easily give them to someone else, as a gift for example! Won’t that be a grand surprise for your bestie?

Can I go on Friday and Saturday and let my friend go on Sunday?


No, that is not possible. After scanning your ticket, you will receive a wristband that must remain on your wrist and cannot be transferred to others.

Why do I need a BKS account?


To process your order securely, you must have a BKS account. This way we can securely link your tickets to your profile and help you quickly with problems or questions about your order. All purchases made with your Best Kept Secret account can be found on your account page

Best Kept Secret account

BKS Resale Platform


Please... do not buy or resell your ticket on platforms such as Marktplaats or TicketSwap. People with less good intentions are active on these platforms and the old ticket will not be invalidated. We cannot guarantee the validity of those tickets and cannot contact the new buyer if there is any news about the festival. Are you unexpectedly unable to come? And do you want to resell your ticket honestly and safely? Then we offer you our own BKS Resale platform.

Official BKS Resale platform

Book your locker in advance


There are different sizes of lockers to rent on the festival site and even with power on the campsite. Book your locker in advance to make sure you have one. Renting them on the spot is also possible, but they can get sold out. Questions about your locker reservation? Please contact [email protected] directly.

Go to the locker shop


Campsite regulations


Here you can find everything you need to know.

Campsite regulations

Camper/caravan spots


For years, the camper/caravan spots have been very popular and therefore have always sold out quickly. For the upcoming edition of Best Kept Secret, we managed to redesign the campsite to have more camper/caravan spots than we used to.

Accommodation page

Bungalows, chalets and more


Through Beekse Bergen you can rent fixed accommodations at Lake Resort or Safari Resort; hotel rooms, bungalows, jungalows, safari tents and more options!

Accommodation page

Question about your Beekse Bergen accommodation?


For questions about your reservation at Beekse Bergen, please contact their Contact Center: call the Reservations Department on 088-9000360 (available Monday to Friday between 8.30am and 6pm and on Saturdays from 9am to 5pm) or mail to [email protected].

Food & drinks

I’m hungry...


You will find over fifty food vendors and mini-restaurants scattered across Best Kept Secret’s festival site. Whether you enjoy crab or chips, beet juice or fried snacks: our vendors have made cooking into a form of art. ‘The Van Gogh’s of the field’, as one British blog aptly put it. At Best Kept Secret, we aim to deliver a diverse and sustainable selection of foods and drinks. We take allergies and diets very serious. This doesn’t just entail fine vegetarian dinners and soups. We also realize the seasoned festivalite fancies a nice greasy meal every now and then…

Free tap water


You can find free water taps at the restrooms. At the bars we serve a wide assortment of non-alcoholic, alcoholic and warm beverages. At Best Kept Secret your plastic cup comes with a deposit, which brings a grand slam of benefits: better for the environment, better to drink from and, more importantly, better tasting beer entirely. We do not serve alcoholic beverages to visitors under 18 years old. Nor should you, because that’s prohibited.

Special nutrition or medicine?


First of all: several of our food vendors will offer suitable and healthy meals for vegetarians, vegans and visitors with an allergy. If you have special medical needs (e.g. if you are diabetic or coeliac) and need to bring in medication to the festival, you’ll need a doctor’s statement. Bring a printed version to Best Kept Secret to make sure our security knows why you are bringing medication. In case of other medical needs or questions, you can send an e-mail to: [email protected].


Debit/credit card lost or won’t function


If you lose your debit/credit card or your card won’t function, please go to the information desk. There you will be able to purchase special prepaid cards which can be used at the festival grounds. These cards can be purchased for a small fee by bank transfer, cash, credit card or debit card. At the information desk they are happy to help you out.

How to get the remaining balance of your prepaid card after the festival


If you still have some balance left on your prepaid card, you can get it back by creating an account on Choose the option ‘Register’ and then ‘Payment card’. This will be possible until 30 days after the event. If you have any problems creating an account or collecting your money, you can get in touch with [email protected].


Which aids/tools are not allowed?


For safety reasons, scootmobiles, folding chairs or stools are not allowed at the festival site. In every corner of the festival, you can find plenty of places to sit or rest and relax. Do you have doubts about the accessibility in your circumstances? Please les us know by mailing us at [email protected], so we can give you advice.

Is there a special ticket for visitors with disabilities or their companions?


We strive to provide an equally enjoyable experience for everyone at Best Kept Secret. Therefore, we do not offer special tickets or discounts for visitors with disabilities or their companions.

Stay at the campsite


It is possible to stay at the regular campsite. In the fixed toilet blocks you can find facilities for visitors with disabilities. Please pay attention: the campsite is a natural site, so it is possible some spots are not completely accessible.

Toilets for visitors with a disability


Next to the First Aid post, you can find a special toilet for visitors with a disability.

Weelchair platforms


Our two biggest stages have visibility platforms, which are exclusively meant for wheelchair users. Every wheelchair user can take one companion with them on the visibility platform: this does not have to be the same person every time of course. If the platform gets too crowded, the festival staff may ask the companions to leave the platform.

Assistance dogs


It is (legally) allowed to take your assistance dog to the festivalgrounds, but we want to stress that the festival is not an animal friendly environment because of the crowds, amplified music and light effects. This accords to the advice of KNGF Geleidehonden: ‘We are not in favour of taking assistance dogs to festivals, concerts and other places with crowds and loud noises. The dog can’t do its job and looses its guiding function.’


As green as its surroundings?


We are extremely thankful to be able to organize the festival in the amazing woodlands of Beekse Bergen. This is why we’re doing our best to preserve the environment as best as possible. Therefore, we employ a deposit system for drinking cups to avoid pollution. All beers and beverages are poured into plastic cups, which you can immediately return to any bar before the next round of drinks. We’ve been able to save almost two tons of plastic waste this way. We offer all other waste separately to the waste processor. We’ve conferred about this with our vendors to reduce the amount of food waste. Whatever remains will be supplied to the local food bank. A fair chunk of our stages and backstage production runs on fixed voltage. This reduces the use of generators and spares thousands litres of diesel fuel. Every year, we make a concentrated effort to become an environment-friendly festival. That’s why we urge you to treat the area as respectfully as we do.

Reducing single-use plastics


We at Best Kept Secret want to use plastic as consciously as possible. We do this by using rPET (recycled PET). RPET is recycled PET material, that comes from for example used soda bottles. After the festival, the PET-material is collected and transported to a recycling company; where it is sorted, thoroughly cleaned and melted into new material. This means that using rPET causes a lot less CO2 emission than using normal plastic; that has to be made again after using it once. It is the only material that can be fully recycled when delivered at a recycling company, as long as they are clean and are separated from all other trash. From now on, we will solely be using cups made of this material, which means our cup recycling system becomes circular!

Cup Token cup system


Upon arrival at the festival site you will receive a Cup Token. This token can be exchanged at the bar for a cup when ordering your first drink. Finished your drink? Then your empty cup will be exchanged for a new one at the bar when ordering your next drink. Don’t feel like holding your cup for a while? Then exchange your cup at the bar for a Cup Token again. If the cup is dirty or broken, the bar crew can no longer accept it and you’ll have to make a small payment for a new cup or Cup Token; since the cups can only be recycled when they are delivered to the recycling company clean. Also, our Cup Return Team called ‘The Green Team’ will be walking around the festival site all day for you to dispose your cup. You can recognize them by their green suits.

Wasps, caterpillars and other vermin


Best Kept Secret takes place in a beautiful natural area. Which has enormous advantages for the vibe at the festival site and the campsite, but there are a few disadvantages as well. For instance, nests of mosquitos, mice, ants, wasps and the oak processionary caterpillar can be present. The presence of these animals can’t always be predicted and is sometimes dependent on specific weather conditions. Like previous years, we will do our utmost best to reduce any possible inconvenience of vermin. The terrain manager (Beekse Bergen) will do extensive checks in advance of the festival and where possible, will take measures to reduce the presence of vermin. Any mention of vermin can be done at the information desks at the festival site and the campsite, or at the reception of the Lake Resort. Always go to our Welfare tent when bitten or stung, just to be sure.




If you wish to apply for a press accreditation, please fill out this form. All press access requests will be processed individually. Expect a reply no later than 7 days prior to the event.

Press Accreditation Form

Can I charge my phone at the festival?


Next to the information desk on the festival site you can rent a powerbank (charging cables included) for your phone. On the campsite, there are lockers in which you can charge your phone.

Leave and come back in


Sure! Show your ticket at the entrance, and you’ll receive a wristband. The wristband corresponds to the day(s) you’re attending the festival. Once you have your wristband, you can leave and enter whenever you want.

Lost & Found


There is a place for found objects at the information desks on the festival site and the campsite. On Sunday evening, we bring all found objects to the Info Desk at the campsite. You can pick them up there on Monday morning. After closing the campsite, you can contact us through [email protected]. Please send us a clear description of the lost item, and mention as many unique elements as possible so that we can be sure the item truly belongs to you. The shipping costs for sending the item are to be paid by the recipient.

We want to party! Ok?


Yes, of course! We only ask that you remain respectful towards others and make sure that the festival will be just as fun for your surroundings as it is for you. Together with our partners Celebrate Safe and Are You Ok? we want to warn you for abuse of alcohol, unsafe sex or drugs and drunk-driving. Take care of yourself and your friends. For more information and to read the 10 pillars to Celebrate Safe, click below. We will be monitoring these rules during the festival. Any person who breaks the festival rule can be refused entry or will be evicted from the festival grounds. In case of discussion the organisation or one of the partners is always right.

Check their website

Not allowed to bring to the festival


Similar to other festivals, drugs, fireworks, (fire)weapons and dangerous objects (like – but not limited – to sprays cans or CS gas) are not allowed at Best Kept Secret. Apart from the objects named above, it is also prohibited to bring the following items to the festival grounds: food, glassware, tin cans, hydro bags (seriously?), (folding) chairs, stool, selfie sticks, inflatable objects, umbrellas and parasols. Refillable water bottles such as sports bottles are allowed, disposable plastic bottles are only allowed without the cap. We do love pets, but they are not allowed at the festival. A light bag or small backpack is allowed in. Please take in account that security might check your bag at the festival entrance.

View the houserules

Allowed to bring to the campsite


Are you staying for the night on the campsite or in one of the permanent accommodations? You will be allowed to bring soda drinks and low-alcohol beverages, with a maximum of 4,5 litres, onto the campsite. Gas grills, stoves, fridges, beer kegs and jockey boxes are not allowed on the campsite grounds. The organisation will seize all prohibited items at the entrance. Illegal substances will be reported and transferred to the police.

Check the campsite rules

Safety and behaviour (houserules)


The safety of our visitors is is a big priority for us. We are always thinking of ways to protect your safety but need you to do your bit too. For your own safety and of other festival goers crowd surfing, climbing in trees or scaffoldings, swimming in the lake, starting a fire and smoking in all tents is prohibited. Public urinating is not allowed and is distasteful for others, smelly and completely unnecessary. Note that by entering the event or by purchasing any tickets for the festival, you agree to be bound by these Houserules. Anyone caught misbehaving will risk their wristbands being taken off and removal from the festival grounds and/or campsite.

Check the houserules

Audio and video recordings?


The organisation of Best Kept Secret, Friendly Fire, will be making video and audio recordings during the festival. We use this on our website or for social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube. Also, our media partners are recording video and audio for usage on their media channels, including radio and television. Recordings which are made for crowd monitoring can be used by Friendly Fire for safety reports. More info can be found in our Privacy Statement.

Check the Privacy Statement

Can I bring my camera?


Of course! Like previous editions, Best Kept Secret 2024 deserves to be documented. We encourage you to share lots of pictures and videos on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Twitter (BKSfestival, #BKS24). Professional photographic, film and other recording equipment (this includes all cameras with detachable lenses), are not allowed. Digital cameras and camera phones are admissible on the festival grounds.

Hearing protection?


It is in everybody’s own interest to take care of your ears, so you can enjoy (live) music for many years to come! Best Kept Secret uses state-of-the-art systems to monitor volume and are keen to abide the law enforced noise limits. That said, we’d like to stress that you still wear some form of ear protection when you’re near one of the stages (and keep them in your ears!). Forget your own ear plugs? At the information desk, you can purchase various types of earplugs. At you can find useful tips how to protect your ears

I Love My Ears website

Terms & Conditions


A complete overview of the terms and conditions can be found via the link below. Note that by entering the event or by purchasing any tickets for the festival, you agree to be bound by these Terms & Conditions. Please read them carefully.

Terms & Conditions

Privacy statement


The festival organization is committed to protect your personal information and privacy. This Privacy Statement explains which data we collect and why.

Privacy Statement

Near by residents


A festival the size of Best Kept Secret produces sound and therefore possible nuisance for people who live near by the festivalsite. At all times, we stick to the measures that Gemeente Hilvarenbeek has given us when providing us with an event permit. To check on this, certified companies do noise measurements on several spots on the festivalsite and its surroundings. In addition, we invest in new, beter sound systems to reduce the noise pollution. We strive to prevent nuisance for near by residents as much as possible, but due to changing wind direction and weather conditions we can not tell exactly where nuisance will unveil. For any questions feel free to reach us at [email protected]

More information

I still have a question...


Is your question not in this FAQ-section? Feel free to contact us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram or by sending an e-mail to [email protected].