Best Kept Secret?


Best Kept Secret is a three-day discovery of where music can take us. An ear-pleasing mouth-watering heart-warming journey through sounds, shows, flavours, hugs and awes.

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Time and place?


Best Kept Secret returns on 7, 8 & 9 June 2024.

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At Best Kept Secret everyone is welcome. Young or old – everyone is welcome to enjoy the festival. Do, however, keep in mind that there are no special baby/child facilities available at the festival – nor do we provide special discounts for kids. If you are under the age of 16, you will need to be accompanied by an adult.


Purchase tickets


Tickets for Best Kept Secret can only be bought via our website, which will lead you to our official ticket shop. That’s the only way you are certain that you are buying an official ticket and that you won’t be paying more than the regular ticket price. After personalizing your ticket, you will receive the actual PDF-ticket with barcode by email one week before the start of the festival (June 2nd). This way, we hope to prevent the reselling of tickets for exorbitant prices via unofficial ticketing platforms. If you do wish to resell your ticket, this is possible via our own official reselling platform.

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Ticket and park regulations


By purchasing your ticket, you automatically agree to our terms and conditions during the buying process. By purchasing a weekend ticket including campsite, you agree with the Beekse Bergen’s park regulations as well. Please read these carefully before making your purchase.

Beekse Bergen Park Regulations

I have completed the payment, but have not yet received any tickets...?


If the payment was successful, you have received a confirmation mail from Paylogic. Like last year, we use ticket personalization. This way, we get a better idea of who the BKS audience is. Have you also bought tickets for your friends? They can personalize their own tickets. Login to your Best Kept Secret-account to send them their tickets. After personalizing your ticket, you will receive the actual PDF-ticket with barcode by email one week before the start of the festival (June 2nd). This way, we hope to prevent the reselling of tickets for exorbitant prices via unofficial ticketing platforms. If you do wish to resell your ticket, this is possible via our own official reselling platform. If you haven't received the confirmation mail, please contact Paylogic via the button below.

Contact Paylogic

I’ve personalised my tickets, but I want to give them to someone else


The name of the ticket holder won’t be checked at the festival gates. So you can easily give them to someone else, as a gift for example! Won’t that be a grand surprise for your bestie?

Can I go on Friday and Saturday and let my friend go on Sunday?


No. At Best Kept Secret, weekend tickets will be exchanged for a wristband at the entrances of the festival. These wristbands are personalized and connected to your ticket. When you give your wristband to someone else, it will be deactivated. You can’t transfer your wristband to another person.

Why do I need a BKS account?


To process your order securely, you must have a BKS account. This way we can securely link your tickets to your profile and help you quickly with problems or questions about your order. All purchases made with your Best Kept Secret account can be found on your account page

Best Kept Secret account


Debit/credit card lost or won’t function


If you lose your debit/credit card or your card won’t function, please go to the information desk. There you will be able to purchase special prepaid cards which can be used at the festival grounds. These cards can be purchased for a small fee by bank transfer, cash, credit card or debit card. At the information desk they are happy to help you out.

How to get the remaining balance of your prepaid card after the festival


If you still have some balance left on your prepaid card, you can get it back by creating an account on Choose the option ‘Register’ and then ‘Payment card’. This will be possible until 30 days after the event. If you have any problems creating an account or collecting your money, you can get in touch with [email protected].


Lost & Found


There is a place for found objects at the information desks on the festival site and the campsite. On Sunday evening, we bring all found objects to the desk at the campsite. You can pick them up there on Monday morning. After closing the campsite, we bring all found objects to the town hall of Hilvarenbeek.

Contact the muncipality of Hilvarenbeek about lost items

Not allowed to bring


Similar to other festivals, drugs, fireworks, (fire)weapons and dangerous objects (like – but not limited – to sprays cans or CS gas) are not allowed at Best Kept Secret. Apart from the objects named above, it is also prohibited to bring the following items to the festival grounds: food, glassware, tin cans, hydro bags (seriously?), (folding) chairs, stool, selfie sticks, inflatable objects, umbrellas and parasols. Refillable water bottles such as sports bottles are allowed, disposable plastic bottles are only allowed without the cap. We do love pets, but they are not allowed at the festival. A light bag or small backpack is allowed in. Please take in account that security might check your bag at the festival entrance.

View the houserules

Allowed to bring (campsite)


Are you staying for the night on the campsite or in one of the permanent accommodations? You will be allowed to bring soda drinks and low-alcohol beverages, with a maximum of 4,5 litres, onto the campsite. Gas grills, stoves, fridges, beer kegs and jockey boxes are not allowed on the campsite grounds. The organisation will seize all prohibited items at the entrance. Illegal substances will be reported and transferred to the police. It is not allowed to bring barbecues or gas bottles to the festival campsite in case of wildfire risk phase 2. However, in consultation with the security services we decided to can an exception for gas canisters of a maximum of 190 grams. We do need your attention and care! Handle it well and hopefully this is still a solution to heat up your coffee or frankfurters. And otherwise, of course, we have plenty of food truck options

Camping regulations

Not allowed during the festival


The safety of our visitors is is a big priority for us. We are always thinking of ways to protect your safety but need you to do your bit too. For your own safety and of other festival goers crowd surfing, climbing in trees or scaffoldings, swimming in the lake, starting a fire and smoking in all tents is prohibited. Public urinating is not allowed and is distasteful for others, smelly and completely unnecessary. Anyone caught misbehaving will risk their wristbands being taken off and removal from the festival grounds and/or campsite.

Check the houserules

Audio and video recordings?


The organisation of Best Kept Secret, Friendly Fire, will be making video and audio recordings during the festival. We use this on our website or for social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube. Also, our media partners are recording video and audio for usage on their media channels, including radio and television. Recordings which are made for crowd monitoring can be used by Friendly Fire for safety reports. More info can be found in our Privacy Statement.

Check the Privacy Statement

Can I bring my camera?


Of course! Like previous editions, Best Kept Secret 2024 deserves to be documented. We encourage you to share lots of pictures and videos on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter (BKSfestival, #BKS23). Professional photographic, film and other recording equipment (this includes all cameras with detachable lenses), are not allowed. Digital cameras and camera phones are admissible on the festival grounds.

Hearing protection?


Wait… I didn’t catch all that. SAY AGAIN? Just kidding! It is in everybody’s own interest to take care of your ears, so you can enjoy (live) music for many years to come! Best Kept Secret uses state-of-the-art systems to monitor volume and are keen to abide the law enforced noise limits. That said, we’d like to stress that you still wear some form of ear protection when you’re near one of the stages. Once the music jumps above 87dB, we recommend buying plugs with special music filters. That way, you can enjoy the music and still hear the people you’re talking to. At you can find some useful tips how to protect your ears. A pair of good quality earplugs, which will protect your ears at the festival, you can get at the information desk on both the festival site and campsite. Cheaper basic plugs are for sale at the info desk.

Terms & Conditions


A complete overview of the terms and conditions can be found via the link below. Note that by entering the event or by purchasing any tickets for the festival, you agree to be bound by these Terms & Conditions. Please read them carefully.

Terms & Conditions

What are our houserules?


The houserules can be found via the link below. Note that by entering the event or by purchasing any tickets for the festival, you agree to be bound by these Houserules.


Privacy statement


The festival organization is committed to protect your personal information and privacy. This Privacy Statement explains which data we collect and why.

Privacy Statement

Near by residents


A festival the size of Best Kept Secret produces sound and therefore possible nuisance for people who live near by the festivalsite. At all times, we stick to the measures that Gemeente Hilvarenbeek has given us when providing us with an event permit. To check on this, certified companies do noise measurements on several spots on the festivalsite and its surroundings. In addition, we invest in new, beter sound systems to reduce the noise pollution. We strive to prevent nuisance for near by residents as much as possible, but due to changing wind direction and weather conditions we can not tell exactly where nuisance will unveil. For any questions feel free to reach us at [email protected]

I still have a question...


Is your question not in this FAQ-section? Feel free to contact us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram or by sending an e-mail to [email protected].