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A three-day festival is tough enough, so make it easy on yourself: book a pre-pitched tent at our campsite, divided into Easy Camp and Comfort Camp, or a fixed accommodation at Beekse Bergen! All goes on sale on Nov 30. Do you choose an accommodation at Beekse Bergen? Make use of their festival packages (tickets + accommodation). Find all the information below!

Accommodations Beekse Bergen


Do you long for a nice and comfortable stay during Best Kept Secret 2022? In the middle of nature, yet fully equipped? Rent one of the bungalows, safari tents or other special accommodations at Beekse Bergen.

Beekse Bergen festival packages

Book your accommodation at Beekse Bergen together with your festival tickets via the link below.

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Comfort Camp


Comfort Camp offers you luxurious, spacious and fully equipped pre-set tents. Including real beds! Three nights of Best Kept Secret with the luxury of your own bedroom. Check the options below!

The Reverb

The Reverb, a 2-person tipi, is ideal for Best Kept Sercet visitors who have a budget but want to feel and experience an element of space and luxury. A perfectly comfortable accommodation for a good price on our Comfort Camp. From € 195 p.p. (incl. service fee).

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The Princeton

The Princeton is a lodge completely made of canvas. The coloured roof makes it stand out but also in tune with nature. It has a ventilation window at the back allowing the sun and the breeze to flow through the tent. From € 270 p.p. (incl. service fee).

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The Deville

The main characteristics of The Deville are: spacious and elegant. A comfortable accommodation for four people. With a diameter of 6 meters and the height of 3 meters The Deville feels huge and comfortable. From € 207.75 p.p. (incl. service fee).

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Easy Camp


Stop carrying all those camping necessities and let us do the hard work. Get yourself a pre-pitched accommodation at our Easy Camp and start your Best Kept Festival in an easy way.

Camper/caravan (sold out)

Get yourself a camper/caravan ticket (only without power left) for you and your Best Kept Friends. Is your vehicle longer than eight meters? Then we would like to hear it in advance. From € 114 per pitch (incl. service fee).

Camper caravan
Sold out


Enough of lugging your tent, air mattress or other camping gear? Save yourself the hassle and book a FestiTent! FestiTent provides a solid pre-set tent for you, available as a single, double or quadruple tent with or withouth air mattresses, pillows and sleeping bags. From € 43.75 p.p. (incl. service fee).

Festi Tent
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A watertight, environmentally friendly and relaxed way to spend the night at the KarTent on our Easy Camp. The KarTent offers space for two or four people and stays comfortable and dark in the morning. Available with or withouth air mattresses, pillows and sleeping bags. From € 55 p.p. (incl. service fee).

Kar Tent
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