Best Kept Secret Festival

May 31 - June 1-2 2019

Boutique Village

Our brand new Boutique Village is perfect for those who enjoy some luxury at Best Kept Secret. The Boutique Village provides a unique camping experience, offering a range of pre-pitched and high-quality accommodations, clean and regularly serviced toilets, hot showers and many food trucks to get the best coffee in the morning and a cold beer in the evening. With the festival site and a special parking area close to the village, there is no need to walk far.


As a visitor you can set up your tent on our lush, green festival campsite that is marked with various animal themed spots. Also, you can rent a pre-pitched tent at the general camping if you don’t feel like dragging your tent to Best Kept Secret. See all options below:


Bathe yourself in luxury in an oasis of peace and quiet. Wake up to the soothing sounds of birdsong in the heart of nature, but still provided with every amenity you could wish for. No need to haul around any camping gear and far removed from the racket of the camping grounds. Instead you’ll be frying bacon and drinking cold juice straight from your very own fridge at Beekse Bergen.