Okay, so Best Kept Secret feeds me and gives me a place to slumber, but what about ear protection?

Wait… I didn’t catch all that. SAY AGAIN? Just kidding! I think it’s in everybody’s best interest to take care of your ears, so you can enjoy (live) music for many years to come! Best Kept Secret uses state-of-the-art systems to monitor volume and are keen to abide the law enforced noise limits.

That said, we’d like to stress you to wear some form of ear protection when you’re near one of the stages. Once the music jumps above 87dB, we recommend buying plugs with special music filters. That way, you can enjoy the music and still hear the people you’re with talking. At ILoveMyEars.nl you can find some useful tips on how to protect your ears as well as possible. Getting some extra earplugs at the information desk is always a good idea, because these things tend to get lost pretty quickly.