Yes, every type of ticket – entry, parking tickets, accommodation and transport – for Best Kept Secret 2020 (the edition that unfortunately is postponed due to government measures regarding the coronavirus) will automatically remain valid for the postponed edition in 2021. Don’t have a ticket yet? All still available tickets for Best Kept Secret 2021 are on sale now.

There are day and weekend tickets available for Best Kept Secret. Details about ticket types and pricing can be found here. Tickets for Best Kept Secret 2021 are on sale now.

With a weekend ticket you have access to the campsite and the festival grounds. There are weekend tickets excluding campsite available. These tickets only gives you access to the festival grounds. Please note that with a day ticket, you don’t have access to the campsite.

Like previous years, 25.000 tickets will be sold, so there is enough space on the festival grounds and we can set up a great line-up.

If you want to stay for the night, you need a weekend incl. campsite ticket. Do you want to stay in a pre-pitched accommodation? We selected a broad range of pre-pitched tents and accommodations for you. A good overview of all the accommodations can be found here.

Are you travelling by car? Then you need a parkingticket. Book these tickets here.

Tickets for Best Kept Secret can only be bought via our website, which will lead you to our official ticket agent Eventim. Festival discovery platform Festicket is also an official ticket partner of the festival. Important: get your tickets ONLY via the official ticket agencies!

That’s the only way you are certain that you are buying an official ticket and that you won’t be paying more that the regular ticket price. You can purchase a maximum of 12 tickets per person. Tickets won’t be registered by name.

By purchasing your ticket, you automatically agree to our terms and conditions. By purchasing a weekend ticket including campsite, you agree with the Beekse Bergen’s rules and regulations (in Dutch). Please read these carefully before making your purchase.

Tickets for Best Kept Secret 2021 are sold exclusively via this website. Weekend tickets (including campsite) are available for €184,- (excluding €5,- service fee*). You can also get a group ticket: 10 weekend tickets (including campsite) with each €10 discount. You can also buy a day ticket for €84,- (excluding €5,- service fee*) or a weekend ticket excluding campsite for €169 (excluding €5,- service fee*).

* The displayed ticket prices do not include the service costs mentioned. Additionally, depending on your choice of event, item and shipping method, a transaction fee (with a maximum of € 1,85) and/or a shipping fee (with a maximum of € 3,60) may be charged.

It wouldn’t be a festival if you can’t share your experience with friends and loved ones. In that case, the more the merrier! For 2020, we have a limited amount of group tickets on sale. You buy 10 tickets and get €10 discount on each ticket. Just be quick, because there is a limited number of group tickets. The group discount is only for weekend incl. campsite tickets.

Yes, this is possible. Please drop us an e-mail at and you’ll receive further instructions. Please note: downgrading tickets (from weekend to day ticket) is not possible.

We have tried to leave as many artists on the same day as they were originally scheduled on for Best Kept Secret 2020. However, this is not always possible, for example due to tour schedules of international artists. If you would like to exchange your day ticket for another day, you can do this by contacting our ticket partner Eventim via their social media, telephone (€0,45 p/m): 0900-1353 (NL) or 0900 51 000 (BE) or website.

We are very pleased to hear that! If you would like to cancel your refund request, you can do this by contacting our ticket partner Eventim via their social media, telephone (€0,45 p/m): 0900-1353 (NL) or 0900 51 000 (BE) or website.

A normal parking ticket for all day and weekend visitors can be bought here. Do you have a weekend ticket without camping, and are you coming by car every day? Then one parking ticket is enough. With the sticker you receive when parking the first time, you can enter and exit the parking again.

A safe resale is only possible via fanSALE. fanSALE is an honest resale platform from our official ticketpartner Eventim Nederland. At fanSALE the original tickets will be checked for validity and will be declared invalid after the resale. The second buyer will receive a brand new ticket, with a new barcode and will be granted access to Best Kept Secret. Platforms such as TicketSwap and Marktplaats don’t provide verified tickets which results into secondhand dealers, fraude and high pricing. This makes fanSALE the right place for controlable, honest and safe resale for your Best Kept Secret tickets.

No stress!  If you haven’t received your ticket, please visit the Eventim website and login into your account.You enter with your password and username (which is either the e-mail address or custom username you used to buy your tickets), then you can view and monitor your order status.

Go to My Tickets and click View status/print tickets to open your Ticketdirect e-ticket, which is listed next to your Order Number. Here you can find all the important info regarding your order. You can (re)print your tickets or save them on your computer.

If there’s no order number listed, or you have any other ticket enquiries, Eventim’s Customer Service at 0900-1353 (€0,45 p/m).

No. At Best Kept Secret, weekend tickets will be exchanged for a wristband at the entrances of the festival. These wristbands are personalized and connected to your ticket. When you give your wristband to someone else, it will be deactivated. You can’t transfer your wristband to another person.

Sure! Show your ticket at the entrance, and you’ll receive a wristband. The wristband corresponds to the day(s) you’re attending the festival. Once you have your wristband, you can leave and enter whenever you want.