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Amsterdam’s Nèna brings feverish heat to the dance floor with sets that balance right in between smooth and energetic. Her open-minded approach to club music results in eclectic selection of dancehall and reggaeton glued into her excellent picks of bass, rolling techno and percussive electronics. Common threads that weave together her sound are dreamy melodies, contrasted with crunchy percussion, and a sweet sugar coating in the form of seductive vocals or luscious samples. Every other month Nèna showcases her favourite tracks in her radio shows on Radio Radio FM and Stranded FM, most often she shares this platform with other DJs and music-loving friends. As a familiar face at some of the coolest leftfield spots of the Dutch club scene including MONO and Garage Noord, Nèna is a promising talent rising from Amsterdam’s prolific underground.

Sunday june 12, 2022

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